Richard: The first picture I ever took of you, I still have it on file, and you’re wearing that gorgeous high neck victorian looking blouse.


Abby: I had my hair put up.


R: She looked really pretty that day. Circumstances kind of put us together.. and after a while Abby got tired of me not asking her out, so she asked me out.


A: No, you asked me if I wanted to do something and I said ‘well let's just go out and have some fun.' One reason, is that he is younger than me by 13 years. I kept telling him he didn’t want to marry an old woman, but he did.

R: On our first date she broke my car. I had actually washed my car earlier that day and I guess some water had gotten down inside the door and the lock froze shut. We went to dinner at Papa Gjorgio's and we went over to a house that I was thinking about buying, but didn’t buy, over on 17th street. We sat in front of the gas fire there for about an hour and we just held hands and made eyes at each other and talked and talked. What a great date. Then I don’t think we ever looked back.

A: The people at work, of course, they wanted to know how my date was and.. It was actually a lot better than I wanted it to be. Because at that point I had dated few men and.. Huh uh. None of them were right, for many reasons. Then it just clicked. 


I lost my first husband to cancer when he was 42. We were going to buy a home to put here where this one is, but then we found out he had cancer. He lasted about two and a half months. I didn’t think I would ever love anyone again. I got very blessed twice.

R: Flash forward to October 2004, we drove out to Utah and got married at Delicate Arch at Arches National Park, under the arch. There's this little teeny town that's super crazy dog friendly, called Madrid. It's full of art galleries and shops and she has two leather vests that she bought there a couple times ago. And there’s a really dog friendly restaurant right on the corner called ‘The Holler,’ and they are so dog friendly they bring you a bowl, a water and a dog menu. That’s one of our places. And last time after a couple days in Albuquerque we went up to Pagosa Springs, had a nice time up there. Then came back down to Santa Fe. 

- We’ve fallen in love with a restaurant in Santa Fe too, it’s just on the strip, but it’s homegrown and homemade. It's called ‘The Flying Tortilla,’ We brought home a coffee mug.