"The funnest thing I see is right outside this window, this little stage I built. We built this right before it got cold, (in) October.  We do house concerts uh, here at the house, and (I) just wanted to be able to do them outside. So we built the stage, got it ready just in time for the first freeze.  But a year later and we are still doing the shows."



"Now it's kind of a yoga area... But we started a year ago doing concerts at the hous- Has it been a year? More than a year. We are going to our first one here in April, outside. have people sittin' in chairs, its a little uneven out there, but."


"Well, I was playing noisy bars and I got sick of that and so, since we started doing concerts here we've had to run a couple of drunks off, but, I haven't punched anybody at all. It's been neat. We've been doing songwriting workshops and that was something I was scared kind of scared to do, but Chrislyn has done some before so she kinda nudged me in that direction, and I like doing them.  This next one that we are doing is more encompassing as far as- let me get the egg off my face..


"I think with just songwriting, it kind of scared some people off, because they want to write, but they're not necessarily songwriters, or (don't) play an instrument. But you know, everybody, wether it be journaling or whatever, this will be a chance for people to come in. And it's inspiring to me when younger songwriters come in and they're excited about it, the process. Reminds me of when I was first getting into it, just eat up with it. That's been really good and I think this opening up to other writers, outside just the songwriting genre is gonna be a cool thing.  So you know I'm wanting to turn this into a space that cultivates like minded people that are interested. Ya know I've talked to a lot of people that we've met out on the road that have said, 'I want to come to that but I'm scared, because I don't want to write songs and I know you write songs,' and I've done it for a long time and it's not about that it's more about putting yourself into a group. We want to create a safe place for that and that's kind of what we've done."