• Mac Crosby

The not so perfect breve (Revised 2021)

Updated: Jan 14

"Expectation is the root of all heartbreak."

- William Shakespeare

Sometimes their best is just less than you expected. Weeks before my trip, I had planned my perfect cup of coffee. A breve so good my taste buds would cheer and beg for more.

The smallest, sweetest bean stop in Crested Butte, Colo. is Camp 4 Coffee. Inspired by glimpses of lattes and sweet treats seen on my socials, my mouth agape, drooling over and dreaming of my next trip to the little ski town. I was was a woman on a mission: to taste the perfect breve. My hopes were high, and I was ready.

Coffee in Clouds

Leaving my small town of Ada, Okla. and bad coffee behind on the morning of Jan. 2, alongside my best friend Hallie, and her family. Imagining the warmth and thick creamy coffee the entire flight, I could see familiar shapes of rosettas and tulips in the clouds suspending me.. almost able to taste the delicious dark roast on my lips. Then again, on the drive from the airport to the cabin. Although the perfect breve was priority number one, we also planned to spend our week in Colorado snowboarding, seeking adventure, enriching our tastebuds, all together unwinding from our busy lives. Having a dire inspiration with the snow and the trees looking like… well, like a photograph, I brought my camera along.

Upon Arrival..

and chilled to the bone from the Colorado cold, I was elated to warm myself with this much-raved, highly anticipated coffee beverage. I was finally going to enjoy the perfect breve. The coffee connoisseur within me, itching in anticipation. Then came the purge..the grind..the tamp..the pull..the steam..the pour. A warm smile approached me at the bar, and from it an "enjoy," fell out. Fingertips touching as I grabbed the coffee; the electricity having nothing to do with the touch, and everything to do with the lust built from months of romanticizing this moment.

Perhaps Shakespeare was right. Maybe expectation is the root of all heartache. Not only did the espresso taste like charred tree bark.. I could not wait a whole 5-10 minutes to enjoy my first sip; resulting in a gnarly burn on my tongue. This was not my only encounter with disappointment on this trip. I had the pleasure of revisiting an earlier snowboarding injury when I was plowed into the side of the mountain by a man on skis. (Typical.)

I could be heartbroken over the little breve that couldn’t. I could be disgruntled over my lack of photographic opportunity and the panic attack I had on the mountain side… Though truly, I cannot complain. The redolence of mine and Hallies' friendship lingers (editing this four years later, I can conclude it still lingers on,) breakfast was served and eagerly devoured, good coffee was found elsewhere, and adventures were had.